The Role Of The Teacher In Game-Based Learning



  • This book chapter looks at the role of the teacher in game-based learning to contribute to current understanding of the agentive role of the teacher in game-based learning. There is a current trend to use digital games as tool to engage students and to enhance the learning experience in the classroom, the game-based learning discussion mainly focused on how to empower students in the classroom. Thus the objective of this chapter is to address the role of the teacher and the most dominant obstacles in game-based learning and teaching. The chapter will illuminate and review the multiple roles the teacher currently performs in game-based learning. Moreover, this chapter will draw on Goffman's frame analysis and teacher agency to demonstrate the implications when digital games are situated in an educational context. The chapter contends that instead of seeing the role of game-based learning to motivate and engage students, games should be viewed as an opportunity to teacher learning and empowerment, giving teachers a sense of ownership of game-based teaching and learning.

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