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I am Gerhard Molin, but please call me Gary (like the snail in SpongeBob SquarePants).

I am an entrepreneur, product strategist and game designer (currently learning coding).

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These are the projects I am most proud of and learned the most from.

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4-Steps to Minimum Badass

For my consulting firm, I have developed a 4-steps to Minimum Badass process that helps startups ...

LUPO: The Space Adventure

LUPO: The Space Adventure is a collaborative and creative storytelling card game that takes ...

Unserious Oy

I co-founded Unserious in November 2016. The idea for Unserious emerged from my PhD research on...

Video and Content Production

Over the period of 2 years I was in charge of several video productions, ranging from product...


With LUPO EDU we developed a flexible and creative system for teachers to combine LUPO: The Space...

Unserious Space Adventures

Unserious Space Adventures is the official successor of LUPO: The Space Adventure. Based on...

Futurish Podcast

Futurish is a hobby project to maintain a long-distance friendship with my good friend Peter, who...

How To Human Podcast

How to Human is my second podcast in collaboration with The Magic Department...

The Role of the Teacher in Game-Based Learning

This book chapter was published by Springer in 2017. Abstract: This book chapter looks at the ...

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My Core Skills


Entrepreneurial mindset with a "Lean Startup" approach to tackle & validate assumption through experiments in order to innovate customer-centric solutions. I believe in early validation with the least amount of resources, also called pretotyping. I also believe that entrepreneurship is partly science and partly art, hence, I believe in embracing the chaos for coming up with radical innovations.

Product Strategy

Being a human-centered designer I push for customer-centric solutions. I am radically inspired by people and show greate empathy for the user. In the design research I use qualitative research (eg by organising fieldwork, facilitating co-creation sessions, conducting contextual interviews, performing usability studies, etc.). I interpret and translate rich user insights towards a clear vision for innovative products, services, spaces, interactions and experiences. I test early prototypes iteratively with users to move ideas closer to market launch.

Game Design

I am inspired to create games that bring people together, push the boundaries of game design and spark people's imagination to they can re-discover their inner child. I am a huge fan of pen & paper games and connecting the digital and analogue world to harness the benefits of both.

Creative-Problem Solving

I am a forward-looking creative problem solver who can connect the dots that seem at first completely unrelated. I believe in connecting research & design to come up with novel solutions. I love digging into a vast and diverse amount of data and information to come up with new insights.

Pitching & Storytelling

The best companies are the ones that tell a story. I believe in empathetic storytelling to reach your audience and deliver your message clearly. Storytelling continues beyond the pitch, hence, using as many channels as possible to deliver your story using various media formats (video, audio or text).


I have experience in facilitating and designing various forms of workshops, from Google's Design Sprint to Lightning Decision Jams and Brainstorming. My facilitation style aims to tap into the collective intelligence of a group by working together alone.

Let's Imagine, Create and Collaborate

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+358 45 220 3414

Helsinki, Finland